Middendorf’s breathing therapy

The "Experiential Breath" – a form of respiratory therapy – is, according to Ilse Middendorf, a way to discover one's own individual breathing and to feel it in its original, natural rhythm. 

There is no right or wrong, there are no commands.

Ilse Middendorf emphasises again and again the goal of 'letting the breath happen', allowing and empathising with what the breath sets in motion and triggers in us. Breathing therapy is not a process of intellectual and cognitive expansion of consciousness, but the exact opposite.

The practitioner works on the clothed body, the client lies relaxed on a couch. Together, they work out the client’s individual breathing rhythm and through gentle stretches and pressure point work collaborate to awaken and strengthen an awareness of sensation in the whole body.

The trinity - COLLECTION - BREATHING - RECEIVING - helps us on the path to improved self-awareness.

According to Professor Middendorf, experiential breath therapy:

  • supports us in stressful situations, when we long for calm and want to draw on our inner strength
  • enlarges our breathing space (lung capacity)
  • strengthens our vitality and personal expressiveness
  • releases blockages in the joints through a combination of breathing and free movement
  • improves creativity and helps us to find our own way
Middendorf’s breathing therapy

88,-€/60 minutes


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