Qigong - working with the energy of life

Qigong (traditional Chinese: 氣功) originates from China and is part of TCM. Qigong consists of two terms: Qi (氣) stands for energy, life force and gong (功)for continuous practice. Taken together, Qigong means working with life energy or directing and guiding life energy.

This holistic method serves to maintain and restore health, it helps strengthen energy and aids relaxation. As described in the introduction to TCM, the balance of yin + yang is a central factor in allowing our life energy to flow freely.

MOVEMENT / HOLDING / BREATHING + CONSCIOUSNESS = three ways to increase, transform, and bring Qi life energy into flow.

Qigong is an ideal relaxation method, especially in times of uncertainty / daily stress / "unable to escape the daily treadmill".

Qigong is suitable for people of all ages and can be practised standing, sitting, or lying down. These Chinese forms of meditation, concentration and movement are said to have the following positive health effects when practised regularly:

  • strengthens the immune system to support self-healing powers
  • promotes internal calm and serenity
  • improves mobility, more relaxed muscles
  • improves breathing and heart rate
  • promotes ability to concentrate with simultaneous relaxation
  • improves emotional mood, positive thinking and action,
  • delivers prophylactic or alleviating effects for:
    • back problems, shoulder or neck problems
    • headaches
    • high blood pressure
    • respiratory diseases
    • bi-syndrome (arthralgia syndrome)
    • inner restlessness

In my studio I offer the Qigong forms of Qigong Yangsheng (as taught by Professor Jiao Guorui, doctor of TCM and Qigong master), the health-promoting method of TCM that combines movement, mental exercise, and breathing technique – the 15-expression forms (see below) and the 8 brocades.

The 8 Brocades of Qigong are a set of exercises, with each movement focusing on a different meridian. When practiced regularly, each brocade improves the flow of "qi", our "vital energy", throughout the body. These movements promote calmness in movement and conscious guidance of energy through imagination and breathing.

A gentle, slow Qigong gives enough space and time to learn the different forms of expression.

Qigong, together with tuina, acupressure and nutritional counselling, supports and promotes the healing process for acute or chronic illnesses. The body's self-healing powers are activated and inner balance is restored.

My Qigong class offer

The 15-Expressions
according to Prof. Jiao Guorui

A sequence of 15 figures flowing into each other.

For beginners

The 8 brocade exercises
I teach Qigong in individual lessons, but also in a group (6-8 people).

Dates on request according to your time possibilities